One thing you can find when reading between the lines


In general,

when someone asks you “What do you do (for work)?”,

how do you like to answer?

With your job title?

The task you like doing the most?

Or the problem you help solve, through your work?

One of these 3 options triggers the same kind of reaction than an adrenaline shot in the chest,

after a cardiac arrest:

It brings people’s curious mind back from the deads,

and jumpstarts interesting talks.

“What do you do for work?”

Answer 1 (job title): I’m an interior decorator-designer.

Answer 2 (favorite task): I decorate homes.

Answer 3 (problem you help solve): I help new house owners with making their new space feel like home.

Answer 1: I’m an accountant.

Answer 2: I prepare and examine companies’ financial records.

Answer 3: I help non-profit organizations to secure their funding.

Many workers say they can’t see,

or find a purpose to their job.

It depends where they look at.

Or what they decide to focus on,

when they get the chance to talk about their work with someone they meet.

On their job title?

On the main paragraph of their job description,

where their role and responsibilities are detailed?

Or on what’s written between the lines?

Like anyone who decided to ask you “What do you do (for work)?”

instead of another question,

you get to pick what you want your answer to be about;

The boring or the interesting/inspiring part of your work.

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