Lee Var


Why setting an intention is easy, but turning it into reality is hard for some people

Intentions are like ideas. No one struggles coming up with many. Trouble starts after. When people try to turn them into reality. Here’s one reason why.

When you’re thinking about pulling the plug

There are different types of equation in math. Even one to help you decide if you should pull the plug on something you’re excited about, or keep going at it

The quarter (1/4) inch drill analogy

Job boards are like the drills display at any hardware store. Everything is lined up and described (almost) the same way. The question, then, is: how do you like to be sold on a drill (job), when you need one? By only being told about its specs? “This a 1/4 inch drill, it’s cordless” and so on. Or by being told about its purpose? “This drill, here, is built to provide 1/4 inch holes”.

One reason fear of failure makes people scared

Whenever fear is involved in something, it tends to make people scared. Even more so, when it’s mixed with “failure”, as a possible outcome to a task they’re trying to carry out.

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