One reason why hopes and expectations feel like a trap for failure


Why is it hard to meet an expectation,

or see a hope coming true?

Why do they both feel like a “trap for failure”,

at times?

A hope is a wish for a certain event to happen,

with no “obligation of result” string tied to it.

An expectation is also a wish.

But with a yearning to see it become a reality, on top.


when you look around,

everything seems to make it likely to come true.

What gets hopes and expectations mistaken for one another,

at times,

is this:


both can be raised or lowered as we please.

(No batteries or special skills required.)


they can be directed towards others or ourselves.


hopes and expectations are always tied to a goal,

to some sort of “destination”.

For example:

“Going to these ACT prep classes, I hope I’ll be able to score high enough, on the exam, to get into college.”

“Looking at the pay raise my boss gave me, I can now expect to start saving for a home.”

And fourth,

they can both get someone to shed a boatload of tears,

or drop a truckload of f-bombs,

when things don’t pan out the way we wished they would.

But here’s where the difference between hopes that come true,

expectations that are met,

and the ones that leave some people feel like a failure,

at times,

can be found:

In the amount of efforts you put at making your expectations as down-to-earth,

and actionable as possible.

Not at raising them through the roof.

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