About the things we want and the decisions we make


“Wanting to leave something behind.

A mark,

a dent,

or an impact in someone else’s life.

And if I’m lucky,

come to see what this impact looks like before I pass.”

It’s not often spoken about,

but still,

for a certain group of people,

this desire is real.


Cause you and I don’t want to go unnoticed.

We don’t want to die having lived an insignificant life.

But we don’t want to make an impact for the sole sake of fame, neither.

We want to do it more for the pride.

Of being able to say:

“Here, I made (or found) this. And I thought it could help you.”


what if the help you are to provide,

in a few years from now,

is a book.

Your memoirs.

What title would you like to see printed on the cover?

“Memoirs of someone who wished she had made something worthwhile of her life”


“Memoirs of someone who ended up making something worthwhile of her life, after having stumbled a few times”

It’s your pick.

When thinking of the future,

by looking into the past,

there’s this belief that we’ve got to make big decisions to change our lives.

In part,

cause “bold moves”, “big decisions” and “big changes” are what you,


and most workers are sold.

By marketers and influencers.

But what growing old teaches anyone is different.

In the sense that,

big decisions aren’t the ones that have the most impact in our lives.

It’s the amount of efforts you and I end up putting,

in turning small decisions into reality.

Once we made up our mind about what we (really) want.


for the title of our memoirs to say what we made of our life,

after we stumbled a few times.

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