You will die, but until then


You will die.


so do all living creatures.

Humans included.


at some point,

you’ll stop having the chance to set a goal,

do all you can to reach it,

and enjoy its payoff.

But if you think about this goal you have,


of “making an impact in life,

through your work”…

What do you want to do?

Do you want to keep biting your lips,

instead of sharing your thoughts?

When asked,

during a meeting at work?

Keep trying to live up to what someone-you-care-about expects of you?

Instead of setting you own “bars”?

Even when you feel she’s…

or he’s asking too much?

Keep on “going for what’s easy”?

For “what you can do with both eyes closed”,

but that has become boring?

Keep “playing it safe”,

when making any decision?

Instead of “taking a risk but protecting its downside”?

Do you want to keep staying on a path you’ve set for yourself as a teen,

but feel it doesn’t match who you are, as an adult, now?

Instead of opening up your options,

to a few trades where you background is considered an asset?

Keep believing that your fate,

and career are set?

Cause of your age,

your schooling,

or past work experiences?

Do you want to keep working at a job that feels meaningless?

Keep as a hobby something you wish,

and know you could make a living from?

Keep dreaming small?

Instead than at the height of your talent,

your skills,

or level of experience?

If the answer is “No, I don’t want to keep doing this”,

to any of the habits listed above,

choke your excuses.

So you can start using, both the time,

and the energy a bad habit comes to suck out of you…

every passing day…

and put them in doing what you really want instead.

The fun part?

You won’t be the first to choke an excuse.

Or many,

for that matter.

Other people have done it before,

and they’ve thrived from it.

You will too.

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