One insight from pie-eating


If we had the body for it,

you and I could eat pies the same way we do olives;

in a single bite.

But as humans,

we’re handicapped on that front.

Even if,

many people act as if they’re not.

With other things than food too.

A good example is this:

“Man, this is pointless. (…) This job is pointless. (…) I wish my job, no, my life had a purpose.”

Statements like these show how that worker is hungry.

How big of a pie he’d like to be able to eat.

Not a bite-size one.

A life-size one.

Fact is,

looking at world-class competitive eater Molly Schuyler,

back in 2017,

going through almost 17 pounds of pie in 10 minutes,

you understand there’s a limit to how much someone can take in and swallow.

All in a single bite. [ 1 ]

The same applies to emotions too.

As how many times,

on the news,

have we seen men and women break into tears after a tragedy has struck them or their family.

It was just too much for them to take and handle, at the same time.

And, least,

to remain unshaken.

As if nothing happened and all was good.

Whatever happened,

this pie of feelings had to be broken down in pieces,

in order to be dealt with,


To imagine, then,

that we can solve the problem of our life not having a purpose,

in a single bite,

is bold.

Even more so when you consider how much of a headache it is to identify the purpose of any job.

Yours, for starter.

Doesn’t mean it’s impossible,


Only that competitive eaters,

and people going through grief,

have more to teach us than we might think.

In then end,

you’ve got the stomach for more pie than you think,


you first break in small bites or pieces what you want to put your teeth “in” .

The same goes with problems you think need to be fixed.

All depends of how willing you are to start chewing on the first piece;

“What is it I can do today, at work, that will make me feel it’s meaningful?”

– – References – – – –

[ 1 ] Cass ANDERSON – Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion Earns World Record After Eating 48 Pieces Of Pie In 10 Minutes (, 2017) ( )

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