The future. A thing we all seek to be reassured about

Will I still be doing this, this kind of work, in 5 years? Or… will I be doing something better?

Wouldn’t it be great if crystal balls worked for real? Not only in pranks or movies?

If, in advance, you could get a reliable glimpse of what your future life will look like at a certain point in time?


In a sense, crystal balls (CBs) are a great future-telling tool. How so?

  • They provide you with a relatively clear version of your better self.
  • They also give you hope.

All at a relatively low price. In terms of efforts, money and time necessary to get that glimpse. If you compare it to what making predictions in different industries – like the stocks/brokerage and cereals/wheat production ones – would normally asks from you.

CBs’ predictions also have their weak spots. The most important ones have to do with information.

  • Crystal balls don’t give you the list of right decisions you need to make – between now and then.
  • They don’t say what the right skills set you have to develop is.
  • Or the right people you must meet.
  • Or the right places you have to go.
  • CBs don’t tell you neither what experiences you must go through, and when. So, once everything adds up, the only possible outcome will be what you got a glimpse of… through a crystal ball.

It’s a lot of unknowns.

In many ways, crystal balls leave people in the dark. Because of this information gap they create… between the future (they give you a taste of) and now.

As a result, a crystal ball read tends to make people feel more anxious and uncertain about their lives than they were before.

Part of this anxiety would actually vanish with CBs providing a step-by-step plan to every person they give a glimpse about his or her future to.

The glimpse says: “Happily married with two kids, she decided to start her own ready-to-cook meals’ company”. Well, the step-by-step plan could read: “Call the registration office at College Edwards. Take an appointment with an admission officer, Mr Marsh. Use the following arguments to convince him of accepting your application in Business Administration for next semester. Then (…)”It would be very detailed. You get the picture.


The main reason why all things related to clairvoyance and predictions are so popular is the reassurance they provide.The reassurance that everything will be alright. That our life will be better in the future than it is now.

Truth is, predicting the future is something pretty hard to do. For an obvious reason: the future is mostly unknown. “Mostly” as there are bits and pieces we already have a good idea about. Based on trends of past events that you, me and other people have spotted.

Will people still need to work and pay taxes, in20 years? Odds are pretty high that they will. Will oil be the main source of energy for transportation, in the World, in 30 years? In the 1980s, with no alternatives like the electric car, the answer might have been “Most definitely”. These days? The answer is more “Not so sure.” Will you or me die from cancer or natural causes? No one can say.

Even then, because it’s the future we’re talking about, there’s always the possibility of something unpredictable happening. Changing the course of events that a trend (or set of trends) has led us to imagine.


In that context, for CBs to be able to predict your future is quite puzzling. As what’s the basis or trend on which such prediction is being made? None really.

Answering “Where am I heading? Where’s my life heading?” gets pretty hard, then.

Not only that, but getting an answer which is quite-reliable too.

If crystal balls can’t provide us with a prediction based on facts or trends, and a step-by-step plan to create our “future self”, sort of speak, what can?

Chasing a goal – not only setting one – has proved to be a far more trustworthy future-telling tool than a crystal ball.

Why? For a few reasons.

  • It gives you the opportunity to decide which action or steps to take – in order to achieve a goal. As a rippling effect, you can then influence the direction that your life will take.
  • That same influence also allows you to change or adjust “what you do”, when you compare the outcome of your actions to your goal.
  • Chasing a goal lets you gain much clarity on what’s required to build your future (e.g. skills, acquaintances, experiences, etc.). Also about what works versus what doesn’t.

All through the trials, successes and failures you get to experience. While actually investing yourself in making your goal comes true, that is.

And the more we keep working towards our goal, the amount of information and insights we get just keeps growing too. The main benefit of this? It somehow shrinks our anxiety about where we’re heading.


Feeling worried or anxious about the future is real. At different level, we all struggle with being confident the future is holding something good for us.

Let it be in 5, 10 or even 20 years. Let it be about our job or financial situation, our personal health, our relationship with someone we care about, or else.

Because of that, being reassured that we’ll actually “live a better life in the future than now” is something we all seek, as humans. The key to get such reassurance?It lies in the tools you decide to use to build your future.

When you look at your life, now, what goal would you like to go after?

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Photo by: Burst

Design by: Di Mellon

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