There’s more to life than making money… but


Our circumstances have a great influence on what we can genuinely set our mind to. Sometimes, only on “making money”, sometimes on “more”. Neither takes away the possibility of you being able, one day, to succeed at “making an impact in other people’s lives”.

— – – – – –

The apartment was so tiny, even mice didn’t want to live there. It was more of a room than an apartment, actually.

Giovanni was seated at his small kitchen table, adding and then crossing items out on his grocery list. It looked like this:

Milk (1 carton)

Bread (1)

Cereals (1 box)

Pasta (3 packs)

Tomato juice (4 cans, those in special)

Legumes (2 cans)

Dishwasher (1 bottle, Discount store)

Wiping a tear falling down his cheek, Giovanni put together all the money he had scraped. A total of 20 dollars. He piled it next to the now folded-list.

Reviewing the list one more time in his head, he mumbled “I wish I could eat some meat this week. (…) It’s been a longtime. (…) How can I make it? Not sure I can. Not with the budget I have… (…) I still need to pay the rent.

Something said on the radio then caught his attention. “Why this career change? Because I figured out that there’s more in life than making money…” The woman went on to talk about the chain of events and decisions that led her there.

Somewhat angry, Giovanni said “I don’t need this! (…) Easy for her to say… (…) She definitely not in my situation! (…) Give me money! That’s what I need!!” He turned the radio off.

As if he had been hit by a stroke of genius, Giovanni turned on his heels and went straight to the only closet in his room apartment.

There it was, in one of the boxes he had forgotten about; a huge pot of peanut butter. A huge pot now full of spare change. Quarters, pennies, even five and ten cents.

Visibly happy, Giovanni yelled a big fat “Yes!

A neighbor loudly banged on one of the walls, a few seconds later.

 “Thanks for having talked about money, miss”, Giovanni then said. Almost in a whispering manner.

There are some tips, ways, principles and truths that look well, standing on their own. Like “There’s more to life than making money”.

They look even better when a “true case story” comes along. Like someone improving the quality of her life, after having decided not to put all her energy solely on making money.

Truth is, not all tips, ways, principles and truths are applicable in all situations.

When you can barely make ends meet, you can barely find any value in things like “making an impact in the lives of others”, “enjoying life’s pleasures” or “living your passion”.

Making an impact in other people’s lives” will always remain a possibility. For now though, you might just need to “make an impact” in your own life.

You go do that.

— – – – – –

Photo by: Rachael Marker

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